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At present, the sales volume is in the forefront in South China, and the business development momentum is good. At present, the production capacity cannot meet the rapidly growing business needs. In 2018, Jin Huanyu invested in the construction of the Taikang Smart Valley Industrial Park in Boluo, Huizhou, with a construction area of 400000 square meters. It is expected that the production capacity will reach 8 billion yuan after production in 2021. Taikang Zhigu Industrial Park will mainly focus on researching and developing high-tech products. After production, the production scale will further expand and the market sales share will further increase.

Jinhuanyu Company adheres to the core values of "technology creates quality, innovation leads the future", closely follows the direction of technology and industrial development, increases research investment, accelerates talent cultivation, optimizes and adjusts industrial structure, continuously improves quality and efficiency, and strives to build the company into a modern enterprise with scale strength and strong market competitiveness, Moving forward towards the grand vision of becoming a leader in the cable industry with advanced management, advanced technology, and outstanding brands.