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August 1993 -

Baoan District Universal Wire Factory was established.

March 1994 -

The factory has created its own brand "Huanwei Brand."

January 1995 -

The factory organized a three-person management team and a seven-person sales team.

February 1996 -

The product is expanded from 1 specification for a single product to 4 specifications for a total of 38 specifications.

May 1998 -

To raise or expand new factories, relocate the former factory buildings, relocate the land and build self-owned factories.

March 1999 -

Construction of the new factory started.

October 2000 -

The new factory was completed and upgraded at the same time. It was only possible to upgrade the line product with a rated voltage of 450/750V and below to produce a cross-linked polyethylene insulated and plastic insulated power cable with a rated voltage of 0.6/1kV.

October 2001 -

Obtained "National Industrial Product Production License" and "ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification".

June 2002 -

From the original "Baoan District Universal Wire Factory" was officially upgraded to "Shenzhen Jinhuanyu Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.".

July 2003 -

There are 15 product varieties obtained "China National Compulsory Certification Product Certificate" that is 3C certificate.

June 2004 -

Planning for the expansion of the factory to requisition 80 mu of land in the Tantou Western Industrial Park, Songgang Sub-district, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, to expand production capacity and build a new factory.

November 2005 -

The new factory was completed and product upgrades were made at the same time, and it was decided to produce a cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable with a rated voltage of 6 to 35 kV.

April 2006 -

The rated voltage of 6 to 35kV XLPE insulated power cable was formally put into production. In October 2006, it passed the "New Product and New Technology Identification Acceptance Certificate for Rated Voltage of 36kV and Below for Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated Power Cable". In the same year, he obtained the "Guangdong Famous Brand" of the rated voltage of 450/750V and below, and the "Exemption Certificate of Product Quality" in December.

June 2007 -

Obtained a rated voltage of 6 to 35kV cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable "National Industrial Product Production License"

February 2008 -

Obtained "Guangdong Famous Brand" and "China Famous Brand".

May 2009 -

Planning for the expansion of a new production base, the acquisition of 185 acres of land in the Guangming New District to build "Gold Universal Industrial Park", the company won the "100 Baoan District, Shenzhen City," the honor.

May 2010 -

Started construction of “Jinhuanyu Industrial Park”, and registered “Guangdong Huanwei Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.” of Shenzhen Jinhuanyu Wire and Cable Co., Ltd., and the company won the “Top 100 in Bao'an District of Shenzhen City” honor.

March 2011 -

Eleven kinds of products won the “Guangdong Province Adopted International Standards Accreditation Certificate”. In May, he obtained the certificate of “Measurement and Assurance Ability Secondary Enterprise”, and obtained six “Utility Model Patent” certificates in October. In December, he obtained the certificate of “Guangdong Province Famous Brand” with the rated voltage of 6-35kV XLPE insulated cable products.

April 2012 -

The “Gold Universal Industrial Park” in Guangming New District was completed and put into production. The products include communication cables, optical cables, special cables, aluminum alloy cables, mineral insulated cables, clean energy cables, charging pile cables, medium voltage cables, low voltage cables, and cloth cables. In August, it was awarded one: a polyvinyl chloride mixture for wire and cable and its preparation method, “patent for invention patent”. In December, it won the title of “Guangdong Province Famous Brand” for wire products with rated voltage of 450/750V and below.

January 2013 -

Won the "High-Tech Enterprise" certificate of Shenzhen City, and won the national "High-tech Enterprise" certificate in July. In the same month, the company received a "patent appearance patent" for a 35kv and below metal interlocking sheathed power cable. In December, it was awarded "Standardized Good Behavior." Enterprise" 3A certificate. In December, it was awarded the title of "Guangdong Famous Brand" for rated voltage 0.6/1kV power cable products.

April 2014 -

Acquired a patent for the appearance of a copper conductor metal interlocking armored cable. In August, the communication cable product was awarded the "Certificate of Approval for Radio and Television Equipment and Equipment Accession by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television", and in August, it was awarded the "Measurement Management System" certificate. Obtained a patented "Appearance Patent" for thermal insulation of mineral insulated fire-resistant cables.

June 2015 -

Gold Huanyu brand wire and cable won the "China Famous Brand" and won the "Measurement Management System" certificate in September.

August 2016 -

7 "Utility Model Patents" and 4 "Appearance Patents".

August 2017 -

In August of this year, it was named “2017 Top 100 Cable Enterprises in China” in the “2017 China’s most competitive wire and cable industry” campaign.

January 2018 -

On January 16, the company won the invention patent certificate of “A type of outfitting and equipment and cable assembly process”.